A brave conversation about wealth, impact and well-being

In a world where resources are distributed highly unequally, a few of us are fortunate to be blessed with more than enough

If we choose, we can use those resources to do an extraordinary amount of good, whilst experiencing a deep sense of personal well-being, fulfilment and joy.

What is the Enough Project?

The Enough Project invites high net wealth individuals to engage in a brave conversation about wealth, impact and well-being.


How much is Enough? When do we have enough wealth? When can we stop accumulating? Do we really need that much? 

Lulled into unconscious drives for more, whether by culture or internal psychology, most of us have not even considered asking these questions. When we do, the answers may surprise us. Often our need for 'more' is rooted in a deep sense of insecurity (mental poverty) or obligation (we feel an obligation to continue to grow the wealth left to us). 


Enough suffering! Enough poverty! Enough destroying the planet! Enough creating risks for humanity! 

Although we want to do good, we often feel powerless or uncertain in our ability to do so. However, our resources, when applied well, can achieve an extraordinary amount of good. The Enough Project is about working out (guided by experts when needed) how to effectively apply our valuable resources to make a meaningful contribution to tackling the world's most pressing issues.


The liberating feeling of finally no longer needing 'more' to feel a deep level of well-being

The Enough Project is about finding balance, purpose, and deep fulfilment. Getting off the 'hedonic treadmill', constantly needing more things or wealth to distract us from a sense of emptiness or boredom, or pursuing a sense of security or longevity that wealth often doesn’t deliver. No longer feeling guilty when we do buy something we really want. Enjoying a deep sense of personal well-being and joy, knowing we are being part of the solution.

Inspiring & Enabling Enough

The Enough Project currently works on two levels:


We start the conversation about wealth, impact and well-being, through speaking at events, hosting workshops, and participating in podcasts.


We enable those interested in going deeper though:

For more information regarding either of these activities, please contact Brent Kessel or Robert Boogaard via: info@enough-project.org

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